Blog Talk Radio: Evidence of Eternity

The Pure Hope Show – Tuesday, April 28, 7:00pm central time
Special Guest: Mark Anthony
Evidence of Eternity

Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer®, Brings Spirit Communication into the 21st Century.

Come join us for our pre-recorded program on April 28th for a strong, provocative interview with Mark Anthony. He is smart, compelling and passionate. Mr. Anthony is nationally recognized as a paranormal expert and legal analyst in high profile criminal cases. We will be talking to him about his book “Evidence of Eternity” which is a riveting book opening your heart and mind to the realities of an invisible world waiting to help us. This book is unforgettable. The stories are astonishing. The message is empowering.

Mark is a world renowned fourth generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits. Mark is an Oxford educated attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C. and before the United States Supreme Court. In England, he studied Mediumship at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science. Mark is featured regularly on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX Television and on major talk radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM, Darkness Radio, and Sirius XM. For more information about Mark Anthony, please visit:

Topics that we will cover with Mark are: The Mysterious Psychic Gland, Intuition as the Key to Your Success, Evidence for the Afterlife, The Scientific Theory behind Spirit communication.

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Blog Talk Radio: What’s New?

The Pure Hope Show – March 31, 7:00pm central time

Special Guest: Shirley Bolstock
Episode #25: What’s New?

“What’s New?” is our topic this month on the Pure Hope Show with our returning guest, “Miss Shirley Bolstok”.

Our DNA is changing and the Earth Mother is ascending with our DNA changes. Shirley is very excited to share with us new up-to-date information and material about the energies of the number 6 and 8. We will also be discussing the new Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies that coincide with these numbers. She is an expert at connecting with famous, well known crossover’s and I have asked her to bring in leaders that can help us or give us advice on the current earth changes or happenings, such as Gandhi and perhaps Martin Luther King.

She will also talk about the Elementals for Spring and Summer and how important it is to work with them as the seeds that are planted now will influence the new age. Consciousness is changing and our perceptions are changing as well. The number 8 is the end of illusion and the new Divine potential in all of us is ready to give birth.
Shirley Bolstock
Shirley Bolstok, was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Her parents are Holocaust Survivors. She has authored books such as “Apples from the tree of Life, Impassioned Soul, and Grapes from the Vines of Life.” She is an energy healer, speaker, teacher as well as a medium who is able to connect with those on the other side.

Blog Talk Radio: Kundalini Energy

The Pure Hope Show – February 24, 7:00pm

Special Guest: Nitin Adsul
Episode #24: Kundalini Energy

Nitin S. Adsul will be the featured guest on the 24th episode of the “Pure Hope Show.” We will be discussing Kundalini Energy! Kundalini is described within the Eastern religions as a spiritual tradition an indwelling spiritual energy that can be awakened in order to purify the subtle system and ultimately bestow upon us the divine union with the Beloved! Kundalini is described as a lying “coiled energy” at the base of the spine, represented as either a Goddess or sleeping serpent waiting to be awakened to the true seeker of Truth. During this program, you will learn symptoms of Kundalini awakening and descriptions of Kundalini rising. This is a very intriguing subject that will help you understand how quantum transformation can take place.

Nitin-AdsulNitin S. Adsul is a CCA Certified Personal Life Coach, an Award winning Filmmaker who serves as a guide to individuals for growth in personal and professional life. His services via Personal Coaching, Energy healing, Energy Activation Workshops/Lectures, Films and Documentaries are focused mainly on the path of purification of the soul to cultivate the seed of Higher Consciousness and overcome challenges in life to bring peace and harmony within. In 2007, he co-produced a feature length film entitled “Prayer Life” and received a worldwide DVD Release in 2008 and has won awards at festival circuit. In 2010, he produced/directed an award winning documentary film on Kundalini that explains energetic experiences of real people of today with personal and social impact.

More details on Nitin can be found at and his personal website:

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Blog Talk Radio: Re-wire Me Please; A New Year’s Practice of Meditation

The Pure Hope Show – January 27, 7:00pm

Special Guest: Rhonda Cannata, Ray of Light Enterprises
Episode #23: Re-wire Me Please; A New Year’s Practice of Meditation

Come join Hope on the New Year show in January for a talk about Meditation. Hope began meditating in the ’70’s and she has had a regular practice of meditation for over 30 years. She knows how a daily meditation practice can literally rewire the brain and help one develop a new kind of relationship with all life. Joining Hope on this episode is special guest, Rhonda Cannata. Rhonda has been divinely inspired to birth Ray of Light Enterprises. RAY of LIGHT stands for Remembering Always to say YES to Living Into the Glory of Your Highest Truth! This sums up Rhonda’s depth of purpose for her self-proclaimed journey toward a life of positively impacting human potential in service to the greater good.

Rhonda Cannata

Rhonda Cannata

Both Rhonda and Hope believe wholeheartedly in the unlimited brilliance and potential that lives within every being on the planet. Rhonda is a self-taught practitioner in the areas of meditation and energy healing – specializing in, and utilizing a variety of modalities. She will be sharing with us a New Year guided visualization/meditation to help us recognize and feel and accept our own beautiful MAGNIFICENCE! Hope will also be sharing a meditation for the New Year through the Goddess of Liberty the Archangel Michael, which will help us expand our internal Flame, and Triple in its Activity – Love and Wisdom and Power. This Goddess of Liberty Flame was carried safely across the Ocean from France to the United States which was given to us as a gift to release us from the wheel of birth and death.

Rhonda Cannata, Ray of Light Enterprises
Phone: 507-345-6696
Facebook: Illuminating Magnificence

Blog Talk Radio: Numerology and What’s in Store for 2015

The Pure Hope Show – December 30, 7:00pm

Special Guest: Deb Schubert

Episode #22 of the PURE HOPE SHOW!
Twenty-two is a major vibration of a master number! Everything in the Universe vibrates at its own particular frequency. By finding the vibrational rate of any object, you can establish the qualities and energies associated with it. Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers; it is used to determine a person’s personality, strengths and talents, obstacles and inner needs.

We are so ready to welcome Ms. Deb Schubert to the “Pure Hope Show”. Deb will be sharing with us what the numbers say and what to expect for 2015.
Deb’s life radically changed in the early nineties when she took her first Reiki class. She became a Reiki Master, left her career as a dancer teaching at the college level, and moved to Colorado. Her private practice has evolved over the years, beginning with energy healing and then establishing a name that embraces her work called “Vital Flow”. Deb has published a deck of movements for healing called TIJAH and she’s written about the concepts of healer/warrior as a partnership for balance and mastery. Deb is also a numerologist and incorporates this invaluable tool into many aspects of her life and work.

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Blog Talk Radio: The New Cities of Light

The Pure Hope Show – November 25, 2014

Special Guest, Rev. Kari Chapman

Rev. Kari Chapman will share her recent Spiritual Journey of Peace & Freedom to the Middle East/Saudi Arabia. We will have a magical interesting talk about her experiences with the New Cities of Light, the Starship Genesis World Servers of Peace that she helped bring through in the Middle East and one in Amsterdam the Consortium. She will share what exactly a City of Light is and give information about the New Cities of Lights that are now being anchored on Earth.

During this program, you will find out what all the warring energies are and WHY current earth changes are happening to humanity. Listen and learn how you can play a part in helping the Divine Plan at Hand! Kari will be opening herself to Spirit to allow new messages to come through.

This episode of the Pure Hope Blog Talk Radio Show aired live on Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rev. Kari ChapmanRev. Kari Chapman is a soul interventionist and internally known as a Teacher for Teachers. She is the founder of the Namaste Healing Center in Lake Mills, WI.  Rev. Chapman is also a conscious multidimensional psychic and a dedicated healer. Kari conducts Akashic Record Readings with Archangel Michael and many multidimensional, angelic and galactic hierarchies. She is an author of five published books and is dedicated to helping others with transformation and personal growth. She gives accurate, compassionate, holy psychic readings.

I invite you all to spread this news to others and listen to this most informative program.  All of our programs are intentionally filled with Love and Light!
Blessings from Hope

Blog Talk Radio: What type of Spiritual Teacher are you looking for?

This episode of the Pure Hope Blog Talk Radio Show aired live on Tuesday, October 28, 2014

There are many different varieties of Spiritual Teachers you can choose from; Intellectual Teachers, Psychic Teachers, Heart Teachers, Body Healers and Empowerment Teachers. Obviously, there are many more and obviously, there is plenty of overlap. Boundaries are illusory, but this program will help you see the difference in teachers and what it takes to be a Spiritual Teacher who helps people move out of their drama and into their dharma!

Image_Melanie_WilliamsMelanie Williams from my own home town of Mankato, Minnesota will be joining me on the “Pure Hope Show”. She is a teacher who helps people move into alignment with their Divine Self. Her teachings encourage people to live the life they desire. She teaches students to create a Daily Practice that allows people to connect with Spirit and finally helps people move out of there self-made drama and into their dharma.

Come join us live on Tuesday, October 28 at 7:00 p.m. You can call in during the show to ask questions and/or to make a comment. We encourage any and all questions about how to pick a spiritual teacher and what to look for. The call-in number is 213-559-2974 – then press 1 (one) and you will be on the air with Rev. Janice Hope Gorman will welcome you to the show with a positive and powerful energetic greeting!

For more information about Melanie Williams, visit her website at
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Pure Hope Blog Talk Radio Show: Practical Spirituality

“Practical Spirituality; The Practicality of living It!”

Join us on an adventure to talk about “Practical Spirituality; The Practicality of living It!” The first thing you have to do of living to become a highly Spiritual functional being is to be fully integrated in your body on an energetic level. In this adventure with Selina Maitreya, we will gather the fruit of her wisdom to reach upward to become one with your Higher Self and connecting with the higher powers of the universe- You have access all the time to your Universal Mind, Higher Will, and Light as a living entity. There is a wave of energy passing through our galaxy that is altering the course of all life it touches. Let the Light of this show pass through you altering the course of your life!

SelinaSelina Maitreya is a highly regarded consultant to commercial photographers worldwide. She is a published author of 2 best-selling books and a global lecturer. Prior to and concurrent to her coaching career for the last 30 + years, she has been a spiritual student studying many philosophies, and spiritual practices. Drawn to the simple yet powerful idea that WE ARE ALL ONE; that our natural inheritance in LOVE, and that our actions affect not only us but every single energy entity, Selina began to live her life as her practice. Committed to responding from one of the many faces of LOVE to life’s many challenges, gifts and experiences. Selina realized that regardless of external circumstances as she responded to life through one of the many faces of love; kindness, gratitude, compassion, wisdom and tolerance she was creating a life that is peaceful and abundant, with relationships that are rich and meaningful. Please join us with this Spiritual Teacher who walks her talk!

Selina Maitreya –


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Into the Heart of Pachamama and How to Love Her

New Spirituality Internet Radio with Rev Janice Hope Gorman on BlogTalkRadio

Llyn Roberts, MA – is an acclaimed teacher of healing and shamanism. A modern-day mystic and spiritual ecologist, her work inspires a deep sense of belonging with the natural world.

Llyn has trained extensively with traditional Andean healers and was initiated into shamanic circles by Quechua peoples in South America, and in Siberia. She received her master’s degree in Tibetan Buddhist and Western Psychology in 1985 at the Naropa University and interned in India through The School for International Training. She has been a Reiki practitioner since 1988 and a Reiki master-teacher since 1993 (Shamanic Reiki since the late 1990′s); was a psychology intern with Hispanic populations in the U.S. and with children in India where she also studied Buddhism, naturopathy, and yoga with B.K.S. Iyengar. She worked as a psychotherapist for the Buddhist inspired therapeutic community, Maitri Psychological Services in Boulder, CO.

Roberts has facilitated sacred journeys to work alongside indigenous people living in remote regions of the Amazon basin, the Asian steppes, high Andes, and in ancient Maya lands of Central America. She facilitates annual women’s expeditions to work intensively with Maya Elders and a sacred journey to West China commences 2015.

Llyn teaches at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, at Esalen, in Big Sur, CA and other holistic educational institutes. She has presented for The Prophet’s Conference, Bioneers at shamanic and wisdom keeper gatherings with Eagle Condor Foundation, at Hollyhock, Rowe Conference Center, Kripalu and others. Llyn was consultant to the University of Massachusetts/Dartmouth Sustainability Initiative and the non-profit organization, Earth Train, dedicated to the preservation of indigenous cultures and rain forests in Panama. She collaborated with the Omega Institute to produce indigenous shamanic gatherings; serves as adjunct faculty for Union Graduate School and The Graduate Institute. She worked for over a decade as director of the non-profit organization, Dream Change (, founded by NY Times bestselling author, John Perkins. For 16 years, she and co-facilitator, John Perkins, presented transformational programs that integrate indigenous wisdom.

Through Dream Change, Roberts supported the translation and publication of the ethnography, The Last of the Shor Shamans, and The Spiritual Wisdom of the Altai. She has been featured at Bioneers and Prophet’s Conference events; on the Wisdom Channel, on various radio, web and podcast programs; in Shaman’s Drum, Magical Blend, EarthStar, Reiki, Sacred Hoop, and other magazines; and has published numerous magazine articles. Her first book, The Good Remembering, is highlighted in the work of NY Times best selling author, Melody Beattie. Her second book, Shamanic Reiki is a popular best seller in printed in three languages. Her most recent, Shapeshifting into Higher Consciousness received an Independent Publisher’s Award in Mind, Body and Spirit, May 2012.

Her latest book, Speaking with Nature ~ Awakening to the Deep Wisdom of the Earth is co-authored with Sandra Ingerman. This book will be released through Inner Traditions in 2015. A new book, co-authored with Robert Y. Southard, is underway.