Finding the Oneness that connects us all is the most important issue that we are facing right now in our daily climate upon this planet. The church/center of the Hope Interfaith Center provides inspiring sermons, music, connections with others who are like-minded and now our Sunday school assists the children.

We chose the name, Children’s Sunday Oneness School, as this is our spiritual path returning to the understanding and being of our family of ONE, which is our family of LOVE beyond measure and acceptance for all! We are all connected but yet, unique to ourselves. Our Spiritual Services and our Sunday Oneness School [for children ages 3 to 13] help us all discover our intuitive gifts, confidence of our holy self, to care for Mother Earth, to respect the power of the elements, to honor the stars, the moon and the sun
and to know and respect others of different faiths, creed and color.

Our slogan, which hangs in the front of our great room reads: “We Honor All Sacred Pathways!”
Our ministry focuses on non-judgement towards one another, forgiveness, loving one another, non-dualistic metaphysical truths, connecting to our angels and guides and honoring our beloved ancestors and know that we can create a new, beautiful, and kind Universe. This is our responsibility as Lightworkers upon this planet.

The Children’s Oneness School is held the second Sunday of every month at 10:00 a.m., which is during our Spiritual Service.

Children’s Oneness School Curriculum: September 2016 – May 2017

September 2016 – Learning to Pray and The Lord’s Prayer

October 2016 – The Golden Rule, In Our Culture and Others

November 2016 – Children of God – Teachings from Neale Donald Walsch:
*You don’t need anything outside yourself to be happy.
*Failure is fiction. We try different things, make adjustments, and keep moving forward.
*You are never separate from God; you are one with all people and all life.
*We live in a world of abundance. It is in the sharing, not the gathering, that we receive the most.
*You are not required to do or be anything different from what and who you are in order to receive God’s love. God’s blessings are for everyone.
*You are perfect and beautiful in the eyes of God just as you are. God doesn’t punish people.
Consequences and punishment are not the same thing.
*Sharing love with others is the greatest gift you can give to the world.
*My way is not the only way to do things and to live. It is only one path in a world of many paths.
*There is nothing that you cannot do! Lots of help is available to us.

December 2016 -The Christian Meaning of Christmas

January 2017 – Angels

February 2017 – Meditation

March 2017 – Healing the Body

April 2017 – Native American Beliefs – General

May 2017 – What Happens When You Die?

Contact the Hope Interfaith Center at (507) 386-1242 for more information about the Children’s Oneness School.