Christopher Emmanuel


*Friday, March 2, 6:30 -8:30 PM* – an intro to Saturday’s workshop

Today we are being asked to become more Conscious Men. Nothing in the universe is stagnant. Everything is in motion evolving. Evolving into a better man requires constant evaluation of what we believe about ourselves as men. Many of us are running old scripts that stop us from living fully present. Because many of these beliefs are buried deep in our physic, most often we are not aware of these subconscious beliefs that are running our lives.

When we are not conscious, we block our full potential

Many of us believe that we are conscious men but unless we take the time to deeply inquire on what it means to be a man, we might spend our whole life repeating harmful patterns that sabotage our relationships.

On Friday evening, we will share our ideas on what it means to be a conscious man. Together we will discuss the beliefs that can stop us from living a richer rewarding life. Each participant will share in exercises that will reveal the old patterns and beliefs that hold them back from becoming more conscious men.

This workshop begins with a teaching and continues with exercises and ends with a Q&A session.

During the Workshop, each participant will:

  • Identify the subconscious scripts that they have that cause them to suffer as men
  • Discover ways to disrupt their patterns and become a more conscious being
  • Understand the “manbox” we created from our influences and impressions.
  • Receive a tool for managing the triggers that cause fear and discomfort in their lives.

*Saturday, March 3, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM*

Are you seeking ways to find balance with yourself as a spiritual being living in a man’s body?
Are you repeating old patterns in your life that stop you from evolving to be the best you can be?
Are you struggling in a relationship because of your belief of what a man should be?
These are the questions that Chris will help you answer in this engaging workshop. You will be provided with tools that you can take with you to constantly check in on your beliefs and ideas of what it means to be a Conscious Man.

Would you like to become conscious of what is blocking your growth?
Chris believes no matter how you grew up, you have the ability to change the beliefs that have been given to you that prevent you from being the man you aspire to be!
Join Chris and learn ways to become more conscious of what you truly believe about manhood! Come and join in a safe space to discuss gender and masculinity as we explore positive, non-violent, inclusive, and healthy ways to be a man.

Chris will teach ways to go beyond the Male Scripts and make better choices to live as a spiritually conscious being.

There comes a time when everyone desires to see what shaped their lives. Knowing ourselves brings great clarity and understanding to the purpose of why we are here. If you are seeking to find more peace in your relationships and harmony with the male aspect of yourself then this is a workshop for you! Sign up for the Conscious Men workshop and become a mentor for the next generation of men!

Participants Will Learn:

  • The difference between a man and a responsible conscious being
  • How to let go of limiting beliefs about manhood
  • How to respond to the ego memes that cause suffering
  • How to transform your past and become a conscious man

Come and join the fun as we support each other and share stories that shaped the men we are.

Cost of this workshop: $150.00 for both Friday and Saturday sessions
RSVP via phone at (507) 386-1242 or RSVP via Email.