The Last Women of Wisdom

Topic: Young women, old souls, wise advice

Thursday, November 8th, 6:30pm

First, I want to thank all of our WOW panelists who we’ve had over the past two years. If it were not for you – your energy, your gifts, your strengths and your wisdom, there would have been no content for these panels of wisdom. I could not be who I am if you were not so clearly who you are; and if not for our souls’ contract over many lifetimes together, there would not be this cosmic opportunity to bring this spiritual body of wisdom to those who have come to the panels and to the world. With all my love, I thank you.

It is now my honor and my delight to introduce you to our last panel of young women who are all old souls. From my reading and studying of reincarnation and astrology I knew that at some point I would be meeting some wise sage women of a younger age. These women are my visionary family. (They are called “visionaries” because their priority in this life is to aid the evolution of humanity through the transmission of universal knowledge via communications (the media, computers, or other means. These other means are by channeling, teachings and healings. ) They all possess an incredible nature of integrity, frankness, authenticity and compassion that make them remarkable beings. They will teach you how to listen to your intuition and to pay attention to your incarnation contract. Each person on this planet has a contract and we welcome you to come to this event to understand your purpose on the planet now at this time. As many of you know, my path has led me to regard the entities of the higher dimensions as brothers and sisters, united in a similar evolution, in communion with them. So when you come you will open, you will create a vortex where all that will come will open you up to hear your higher soul self. You have come to this planet to experiment with your divinity in matter; but you are not limited to your physical envelope. Your subtle bodies go through all the extra temporal dimensions, and you can easily access all the information of the universe by connecting to it through the heart and becoming one with all that is. Come join me and listen to these young women of wisdom who are visionaries of our planet.


Women of Wisdom Panelists – “Young Women, Old Souls, Wise Advice”


Women of Wisdom Panelists – “Young Women, Old Souls, Wise Advice”

Amy Oberle– Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Lover of all things

Jill Grace– Multidimensional Mentor, Spiritual Teacher/Channeler

Jinelle Anlea Fryklund– Spiritual Coach, 

Chasity Senesac– Lightworker, Spiritual leader, Divine mother


A love donation is always appreciated but no one is turned away. All donations are earmarked for women who come to our center in need of help as well as for supplies for the declared Sanctuary for undocumented immigrants. A suggested donation of $15.00 or less.

“The Universe has shaken you to awaken you!”






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