We as human beings are being given an amazing opportunity at this time! Each one of you will receive a new Blueprint birthing and integrating through you. This happening will allow a profound energetic change to take place within the physical systems of your body. This new Blueprint anchored through you will:

  • Bring physical renewal within your cells, opening up a healing process within your physical body and create a rebalancing of your physical systems.
  • Enable you to experience a natural realignment to the intuitive aspect to your Higher Self unfolding through you.
  • Enhance your ability to channel the Light of Self through you to others.
  • Re-establish your ability to access and align to your creation energy for manifestation.
  • Seamlessly move you into a clarity and understanding of your own purpose here.

This new Blueprint birthing and integrating is what enables you to enter the Timeline space set up by the Pleiadians. You will learn to navigate through a Timeline, where you will retrieve energetic tools, knowledge and your Mastery light to support you now in your life.

Mother Mary and the Christ energy will work alongside the Pleiadians, the Galactic community and the Lemurians to support all of us in our next steps. I am so excited by the energies that will be present with us in this Seminar.

I look forward to sharing this pivotal next step with each one of you!

I can feel the energetic momentum building for this upcoming seminar. There is building of light opening up around the event and the Pleiadians are putting out a call to all of you who are destined to attend.

Christine DayThe Pleiadians are giving me a deeper insight into the energies of the new Blueprints that will be birthed through each person who comes. Revealing to me how your new Blueprint, which you will birth during the seminar, will align you back to an aspect of your original spiritual heritage. Showing how you will naturally be released by the illusion that is held on our earth plane through the activation, anchoring and integration of your new Blueprint form.

This is exciting for me as I am being able to witness this pure form of energetic movement that will be possible for all of you to receive at the upcoming Seminar. Know that my role will be to hold the Platform for your birthing process.

Love and blessings,

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