Inspirational/Christmas Music Night at HIC

Come join us for an inspirational night of music with Karrey & Shelby Tweten!
December 18th – 6:30pm to 8:30pm

Karrey and Shelby asked to come to HIC and give us a concert from the center of their hearts.

To inspire is…..”to breathe life into”.
To lift thought higher. To fill with hope.

Inspirational music is just that and more.

Inspiration music embraces all spiritual ideas, spans all cultures, and speaks of love, hope and giving and caring! It is my hope that we will have the great room at HIC filled with people who come to enjoy, laugh and have fellowship with others who love music. Come and warm up your hearts with music and be filled with joy!

Mark your calendars, invite all your friends and come to this glorious event, which is being offered freely from the hearts of the Tweten family!

Hope to see you all there! Happy Holiday Cheer for ALL!

Shelby singing Rather Be

Shelby on American Idol

Shelby on American Idol

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