This time is created for us to change, to wake up and to grow. That’s why we created this event! A place whereto can come together with the world to IGNITE new creation in your life!

Join us for this online event where we are coming together and making a place for cooperative creation. We will create… we will grow… watch us! And the best part… We are doing it all together!

There is so much to be created in our lives… so much passion within us… so much good to do in the world… the world needs you and your gifts…

You are uniquely created! Learn to use your gifts to help you grow and evolve. Learn to create your best life!

This online event is designed to help you wake up and grow on your spiritual path. To create new in your life! Every idea you have, every dream in your heart, every call that is inside of you, is there to help you and to help the world. You are here to make a difference. You have unique gifts that God, the Universe, whatever you believe gave you. Whatever your gifts are, they are given to you for a reason. Uncover your gifts to serve others and watch yourself rise! 

We have experiences and synchronicities that happen that we can’t deny. This event is a safe place to explore and discover new aspects of your life and your soul.