Thursday, August 2
6:30-8:30 p.m.


TOPIC: Health for the Best You!

We will begin this WOW panel event by emphasizing the importance of cultivating a healthy body temple, which in turn supplies the vibrant energy required for the body’s cells to replicate so that individuals may function at their creative peak. When we are healthy, we have a greater chance of being conduits for what is seeking to emerge at this particular stage of our planet’s evolution.

The livelihood in which we engage to support our lives and the spiritual practices we incorporate into our daily routine are for the same purpose: to experience the flourishing life we are meant to live. This WOW event will be filled with wonderful information for those women and men who are struggling with health issues such as cancer, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis,
fatigue, weight issues, skin rashes and depression and so many other ill effects that may be going on in their body. If you know of anyone who is struggling with any of these issues or other health issues, please feel free to invite them to come with their notebooks to receive valuable information. If you are wanting additional information to stay healthy yourself, please come and learn more.

I recently hosted a group at the Hope Interfaith Center named Grit. Grit is a determination to move beyond while staying resilient during issues of health, grief, and loss. This WOW event is dedicated to helping everyone stay healthy during this time of great shift.

Come join me as we listen to dedicated women who are working in the field of health. 


Please RSVP by calling Jody at Hope Interfaith Center –  – RSVP via email, or register using PayPal below.

A love donation is always appreciated but no one is turned away. All donations are earmarked for women who come to our center in need of help as well as for supplies for our declared Sanctuary for undocumented immigrants. A suggested donation of $15.00 or less.

The presenters for our August WOW panel will be:

Julie Dickhudt – Isagenix Health Coach, Motivational Speaker, Yoga Instructor, and Teacher.
Charlotte E. Gallagher, LIC – Well-Known Acupuncturist, a Vegetarian and Lover of Animals.
Kristi Schuck – Owner of WYSIWYG Juice Co. in Mankato, a Motivational Speaker on Health.
Kirstin Cronn-Mills, PhD – Instructor at South Central College, and a Local Publicist Author and Award Winning Writer.

These women have all been through major changes and have sustained losses of their loved ones, health issues and personal pain just like we have. I have traveled on International Expeditions with some of these women and they have shared stories of their paths with me and or I have known them during their losses.In every single one of those situations, I have always
experienced the integrity of their lives being lived out. “Grit” is in the word Integrity and just as I have encountered that in them, so will you, during this wonderful event!

Women and Men please attend to become more aware of what you can do to create the Best Healthy YOU!

We have limited seating available for this event so Reserve Your Spot TODAY!