Thursday, May 3
6:30-8:30 p.m.

TOPIC: Women Entrepreneurs are Key to Accelerating Growth!

If you run your own business, or think that you want to, this WOW panel can help you! Real women telling stories of how they built real and original businesses can help inspire you on your journey. They will also talk about when to allow change to happen and let go to the next piece of the journey, how they are mentored, and what they do when the road gets difficult. We have found that successful female role models can inspire us and help other women walk the talk of creating businesses as well as staying balanced in the journey.

None of these women would ever say that they are perfect but certainly all of these women have stories to share about the journey of entrepreneurship. This event will be an honest, meaningful, interactive event. Mentoring and giving back is a core value of each of these women on the panel and they will tell you about helping others along the way.

We encourage you to bring middle and high school girls to this event as well; it would be your way of helping mentor a young woman into their future. Come learn from these four women about the importance of honoring each other and honoring their path of business, balance, blessings and blunders!

The presenters for our May WOW panel will be:

Amy Kortuem, a local harpist and international traveler from North Mankato
Kim Stanton, owner of Encore, an upbeat and better clothing consignment boutique and the owner of Quan a drug and alcohol counseling program.
Sherri Dejong, owner and administrator of a trucking company in Blue Earth
Barb DeMers, owner and operator of a Salon in Shakopee.

Just a note about this event!
I perhaps have read more self-help books than I could even begin to count. But one thing I know for sure is that it has been “Women Mentors” and listening to other women that have changed my life forever. Reading information is one thing, but listening to other women has help me clear a path to my soul to listen for my next steps. I do remember when I was talking to one of my helpers along the way and began to speak about how I thought I was a healer and she said, “Hope, you are a Heart Warrior.”

A Heart Warrior is one who receives an electrifying jolt of information and guidance on what to let go of and what to do next, and does it! She began to tell me that I had Super powers, such as Super obedience to the guidance, Super faithfulness in the going for it, and Super positivity that God/dess will not let me fail.

I consider each and every one of these women a Super Woman!

Come and join me as we listen to the power of women coming together!
Please RSVP by calling the Hope Interfaith Center at (507) 386-1242 or RSVP via Email. You are welcome to, and we highly encourage you, to bring a girlfriend to this event!

A love donation of $15 or more is suggested but no one is turned away from this event. Donations are earmarked for women who come to our center in need of help and for the supplies for the declared Sanctuary for undocumented immigrants. We are the only declared Sanctuary in Mankato for our brothers and sisters who fear deportation.

Women of Wisdom Panelists – May 3, 2018

We have limited seating available for this event so Reserve Your Spot TODAY!



“Many women live like it’s a dress rehearsal. Ladies, the curtain is up and you’re on.”
~Mikki Taylor, Essence magazine