The Hope Interfaith Center is so fortunate to have 2 Reiki Masters that are on site.

RuthAnn Rosenwinkel, Inner Compass – Reiki Master, Oneness Blesser, Nonduality Transformative Coach, Universal Life Minister. 

Ruth Ann’s clear intention is to teach and empower others in their transformative journey cultivating the power within as you reclaim the truth of who you are elevating the energy of divine love.   In collaboration with Reiki energy from the highest of heavens, Spiritual Counsel, and Guides, she brings forth the higher parts of you when sometimes they become hidden from your own view.

The truth lies within the energy of your heart, your heart is your internal compass.  Be ready to expand and elevate knowing that the Universe supports you.

To find out more about Ruth Ann, her healing sessions, Reiki certification classes and mentorships, please go to To book a session with Ruth Ann, please email her at or e-mail her at 

Rev. Amy Markham-Oberle, Reiki Master, Animal Reiki healer, Interfaith Minister and Angel Messages

Rev. Amy is passionate about helping others feel their absolute best!  Through her Reiki healing work, Spiritual Counseling and Guided Angel Messages, she is able to bring relaxation, healing and loving messages from Spirit to others. 

Her healing and intuitive gifts were nurtured by her Mom, Anita.  When Amy was just 19, she was diagnosed with cancer.  She fully believes the healing energy of Reiki helped cure her.  Since then, she has been dedicated to helping others, as well as animals, heal from physical, emotional, and spiritual limitations.  Healing is her passion!

Amy is also an animal Reiki Healer and loves to work with pets and animals of all kinds!  She has a small black lab mix dog named Clover, who has helped her develop the healing gifts with animals! Animals are welcome at The Hope Interfaith Center for healing sessions, or she is happy to come to you and your pet for the best results in your and your animal’s healing process.

To book a session with Amy, please email her at

Cost per session (one hour): $60

Animal Reiki cost(30-45 minutes): $40