Reverend Janice “Hope” Gorman, the leader of the Hope Interfaith Center, offers personal spiritual counseling sessions for individuals and couples.Janice "Hope" Gorman

People have been coming to awaken into their own truths and to walk through a radical new gateway to personal and global transformation. Coming to sessions with Hope can precipitate a shift towards a completely different state of consciousness. The purpose of a spiritual teacher is not to transmit knowledge but to facilitate the client in becoming aware of his/her pre-existing nature. A session with Janice Hope can help bring to surface the client’s dormant qualities.

What you can expect from a session?
* How to be more present-living in the now.
* How to connect to your higher self.
* How to quiet and listen deeply.
* How forgiveness can brighten your life.
* How to let the light shine through you.
* How to act creatively and co-create.
* How to become more compassionate.
* How to speak your truth with Love and integrity.
* How to listen to and follow your intuition.
* To receive messages from the Spirit world with your guides and angels to help you on your journey.

Suggested Donation Prices for Spiritual Counseling
The suggested donation for spiritual counseling is $55.00 for an hour-long session in person and $60.00 for phone sessions ($5 helps cover postage and communication costs). These are suggested free-will donations. Hope Interfaith Center is a non-profit spiritual center; therefore, your donations of any amount are tax deductible.
Accepted forms of payment of your donation: cash, check, credit/debit cards.

Skype your appointment with Hope!
Janice Hope is now doing her phone readings over Skype. You can make an internet call for free with Skype and be able to have eye-to-eye contact. Yes, believe it or not, Hope is trying to bring innovative technology to HIC!
Hope is also able to give Deeksha over Skype and is thrilled to be able to Namaste everyone face-to-face. The energetic experience is different than just talking over the phone. These higher states of contact can lead to higher states of consciousness. And these high states of consciousness can lead to changes in the brain, which would eventually accumulate to a very big shift in your life.
If you would like to Skype with Hope, please contact Jody to give her your Skype name.

Namaste means that the light in me bows to the light within you. Namaste! Namaste! Namaste!