A message from Hope

Dear Hope Interfaith Center Family, 

“Save the DATES” “July 25th. August 8th , August 20th 2019 

as well as June 13,14 2020”

8/8 Lions Gate 2019 will be upon us soon and I know that much information will be coming out about this journey of ours.  I just finished a weekend up at Christine Day’s land going through a growth opportunity to learn more about what is really going on not only in this world but also with the other planets and dimensions.  It is true that all eyes are on us! We are being supported like never before during this most important time. It is time to review what you are putting your energy towards! All talking, all thinking and all feelings all actions are energy that you are putting out into the Universe.   If I would give you an energy check book and you would keep a budget on where you where putting your energy into I think we would all be surprised. Your energy check book would keep track of where you were depositing your energy at this time. Towards the old system that is falling down or putting your energy towards the creation of the new world.  Are you budgeting your energy and putting it towards thoughts of self love and wholeness? Are you budgeting your energy check book and putting it toward wealth and abundance and happiness and ease and grace?

We are standing on the cusp of great change.  Don’t worry! You may say that this has been so for many years so why is it any different now.  Perhaps it is different because we are learning more and more about the choice of LOVE verses always complaining about what is.  We are becoming more and more the embodiment of light, embodied Spirit of love, fearlessly living out the path of Creative Love.

As you know, the Lions Gate is a very special time in this Sacred Year.  It is the moment when a new cycle of Time Creation begins. On July 25th your ancient ancestors knew to celebrate the passing over from the old cycle to the new, with creative joy and festival.  On the 26th the Mayans and the ancient Egyptians understood this sacred passage way as a moment when Time/Space was renewed for another cycle by the Divine Creative Intelligence.

The Lions Gate on 8/8 portal is guarded by two of the Royal Sirian Lions who are known as the “Lions of Yesterday and the other represents the Lion of Tomorrow.”  Each one of us has the opportunity to deposit our energy out of our energy check book into our Tomorrow. This Lion’s Gate Portal begins to open on the 26th and reaches its full aperture on the 8th of August under the constellation of Leo.  This will be a powerful time of creating with Love, Gratitude, Appreciation and Sharing and Caring.

2019 to 2020 is a time of great potential and power. 2020 brings in a new energy, which in frequency is a double master number, a double 2 to empower you and move not only you into a new creation but also our beloved world.  So, rest assured Beloved Ones, that this cycle of your lives will be and can be immensely powerful and creative. You can birth and dance into creation all that you desire, if your focus and intention are clear and if you surrender to the glow and flow of your Divine Nature.

More dates to save:    The week of August, Tuesday the 20th we will be taking appointments for next year.  Please call the office to make your appointments for this most important year of 2020.  This year indeed has been no easy process, for it involved deep healing and releasing of all old patterns of thought and belief that were not congruent with the frequency of the Soul.  In other words, the Ego needed to release all and any behaviors and beliefs that were blocking the soul from fully expressing its energies within the human experience. So continue to use the rest of this year to heal and release and let go.  This may look like purging and cleansing. But rest assured, this process is reaching its culmination. The incoming cycle will be more powerful then ever before.

Another Date to Save:  June 13,14 in 2020. We have chosen this date for our next Star Gathering which will be greater then ever.  This conference will be our 3rd annual event that is created to help you awaken and to come into community with Galactic Teachers who are here to guide you to open to your new path.  

The Future is yours and it is Now!  We at the Hope Interfaith Center wish you joy as you transit the Lions Gate.  The Angelic Realms are here to support you and the Galactic beings are here to help you as well.    And we have many teacher’s and energy healers who are here to help you and support you as we move into our purpose and joy and happiness and health.  Enjoy the ride and please take out our energetic check-books and keep a budget and where your energy is going!

Always With Pure Heart,



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The Hope Interfaith Center is a spiritual center that is open to people of all backgrounds and journeys. It is an inclusive community and space that exists to provide the resources and framework for spiritual growth and discovery. The Center is guided by Reverend Janice ‘Hope’ Gorman whose teachings are universal in nature and do not represent the beliefs of any one religion or spiritual practice or movement. Hope leads Spiritual Service on the 2nd Sunday of each month, as well as providing personal guidance sessions for individuals, couples and families. A natural clairvoyant during her childhood, she has spent most of her adult life being a spiritual teacher & a conduit to help people with divine guidance.

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