The Hope Interfaith Center


Dear Friends and Family of the Hope Interfaith Center,

Thank you for sharing my 65th birthday party on Saturday, April 6th. The party with a purpose was a joyous occasion for me and a great success for HIC. As you might already know that our center and the mission of helping people live their best life’s making decision’s from their spiritual essence is rarely looked at as grant worthy. Many have given testimony to how living a spiritual life has improved their life’s greatly. And how this impact’s not only their personal life’s but also the people around them. This most definitely makes the world a better more peaceful place. And we really need that right now on our planet.

I am writing to thank you all for your kind cards and well wishes. Your warm and generous donations from all of you have been tallied and we made $15,212.00 to put on our mortgage. I also want to express my deep gratitude to my husband who hosted it and to Amy and Jinelle for helping make this party a smashing success. The money that we raised will all be used to establish a strong footing for the center and it will make a crucial difference in helping us stand strong so we can help all those who come for “SOUL” strengthening and empowerment and healing.

I couldn’t be more grateful for your blessings and your generosity. I also want you to know that I have gone through each card twice to savor every word. So I thank you for honoring me with words that have not only touched my heart but has helped me know that I and the center has made a difference.
We had over 200 people enter into the doors of the Hope Interfaith Center on April 6th. This has been the largest group we have ever had since our doors opened 10 years ago.

Awe is the feeling that I am experiencing as I sit here to create this thank you letter to all of you. Emily Dickinson wrote, “Life is so astonishing that it leaves very little time for anything else.”

May you all be blessed beyond measure for your support to help us grow and stay strong. Many people have asked if I am retiring and I am not done yet!
I will be working less next year still working a couple days a week and I will remain dedicated to helping create a center with other teacher’s and healer’s of excellence as well as groups and seminar’s and retreat’s and workshop’s that will propel us all towards being light workers of peace, joy, sharing and caring and so much more.

I thank you all and look forward to continue to serve the Mankato area as well as the surrounding communities to make this world a better place to be.

With Warm Regards Always,

Rev. Janice Hope Gorman

More about the Hope Interfaith Center

Who We Are

The Hope Interfaith Center is a spiritual community and spiritual center that is open to people of all backgrounds and journeys. It is an inclusive community and space that exists to provide the resources and framework for spiritual growth and discovery. The Center is guided by Reverend Janice ‘Hope’ Gorman whose teachings are universal in nature and do not represent the beliefs of any one religion or spiritual practice or movement. Hope leads Spiritual Service on the 2nd Sunday of each month, as well as providing personal guidance sessions for individuals, couples and families. A natural clairvoyant during her childhood, she has spent most of her adult life being a spiritual teacher & a conduit to help people with divine guidance.

The Center, 114 Pohl Road, Mankato, MN

The Center, 114 Pohl Road

Some of the primary services and resources the center provides are listed below. For more information, visit the Events and Services pages, or click on a link below.

  • Sunday Spiritual Service on the 2nd Sunday of every month at 10:00 AM
  • Spiritual Counseling dedicated to creating Peace & Self Realization
  • Marriage Preparation & Counseling
  • “Pure Hope” – Monthly Live, Call-in, Online Radio Show
  • Monthly Spiritual Study
  • Weddings, Baptisms, and Funerals by design
  • Yogananda Meditation Room, open to public for personal reflection
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Monthly Moon Group Gatherings
  • Group Pilgrimages to various religious locations around the world
  • Home and Hospital visits from our Fellowship Minister
  • Many more groups, retreats, services, celebrations and events…


We inspire all in Oneness to create a better world by empowering people to recognize and honor the Divine in Self and All.