A Message From Hope: Receptivity

Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter while staying up at Tofte, Minnesota at the Chateau LeVeaux overlooking the beautiful Lake Superior.  Something is happening to me as I sit and celebrate my 60 years of living on planet earth.  I am writing this letter during my birthday break because I am also thinking of you my HIC friends.  So I wanted to share with you some of the information that happened to me when away from the center for a few days.  I am a woman who has an affinity to give and has a problem receiving.  So as I sat by this beautiful lake I received an invitation to inwardly listen and watch for my next steps in this new decade of my life.  I was told to get a big, beautiful wide glass vessel and was being instructed to go down to the lake and get water to fill it with.  Every day for five days I was requested to empty the vessel and then the next day fill it back up with the lake water.  I am sure Spirit and my guides from the ONENESS are teaching me to also have infinity to empty and just receive.  So, I dedicated my alter in my condo to this vessel which represented me.  This is why this letter for this summer is called “Receptivity”.

As human beings, we are largely uncomfortable with receiving, and instead are conditioned to give.  But this conditioning can deny us of what is also natural but to receive as well.  We humans for some reason are the opposite.  We tend to get hung up on producing, giving, and nurturing for others and we do, do, do and do.  I think many of us have a hard time taking in and truly receiving.  Most of our society and many of our backgrounds in our religious up bringing taught us not to value receiving.  In fact one way women avoid it is through an ongoing, habitual involvement in nourishing others but not themselves.   Now I am not asking you or I to stop giving but I am asking all of us to stop and smell the roses this Summer.  I will be the first one to admit that this is still an uncomfortable topic for me.  I have been one of those women who have an ongoing, habitual involvement in nourishing others.  So, I intentionally took time out from my daily life to come to a place that makes my heart sing.  Something happens to me every time I am up by this lake.  This is a very powerful place upon this planet right now.  We are so lucky to be living so close to a spot that is filled with light.  Most of you know that I had the opportunity to interview Christine Day.  She is an ambassador to the Pleadians and she has been opening up portals in and around this enormous lake.  I most certainly can feel her energy while being up here.  I am receiving!  I am receiving!  I am perhaps finally learning how to receive!  Wow, it is my wish that all of us this summer slowdown and receive.  Tomorrow, at this lake it is supposed to rain.  I am told now to watch how this mighty Lake Superior receives.  I am told to take my big, beautiful vessel down on the rocks and watch it fill up with rain that will be coming from the rain Goddess.  I am told to get wet, even wild or just relax and laugh a lot.  I am being told to smile and remember what the feeling feels like when I receive.  I will inhale and I will receive and I will get wet and I will even get a bit wild.  I will open up to the frequencies of brilliance.  I will listen to the transmissions of Christine Day’s and I will receive in this sacred moment an opening to the new dimensional structures and realign with the new birthing desires of my heart.  And I will continue to do this for not only this summer but for the rest of my life.   Join me won’t you!  Let us join together to receive the feeling of our true force of light and beauty and it will transform us on so many levels.  As this will also help transform the world.  For WE are All ONE!

Christine and I and Patricia Diane Cota Robles believe that we are in the middle of change right now and we are to expect the unexpected and yet continue to align to our heart center, breathe and let go and receive.  This is the time for each one of us to just be “in the moment this Summer”, taking one step at a time, not trying to project what will happen, or how it will happen or even what is happening.  This would bring the energy right up into our head.  This change that is happening is not an intellectually event.  It is a heartfelt event of our many life times on planet earth.  Let us all this summer be in the moment, be positive and trust that the world is in good hands and going up the right path.  We are all playing a role in this most eventful occasion on planet earth.  We at the Hope Interfaith Center will be offering some NEW groups this summer that you just might really like.  Please continue to read on and always know that you are welcome for any event as we join together to create the NEW EARTH!  May we all enjoy the art of receptivity!

Happy Receiving Everyone!

With Pure Heart,