Pure Hope Show – A Time of Transition

Pure Hope Show – Episode #34
A Time of Transition (Endings and Beginnings)
Special Guest: Kari Chapman

As we witness the events unfolding on our planet, we know that our future hangs in the balance. During such times there is always a period of several hundred years when the energies of the old, outgoing constellation overlap and blend with those of the new and incoming influences and neither is fully controlling. It is often a nebulous and confusing time as both the progressive and conservative elements within society seek dominance. The old and outworn ways of living and being that may have been suitable to the earlier time and generation must be cleared away as they no longer meet humanity’s needs and clash with the new time and generation that are coming in. Yes, we are in a “Time of Transition”.

Rev. Kari ChapmanRev. Kari Chapman is a Teacher/Lecturer, Motivational/Inspirational Speaker, Author, Healer, Energy Practitioner, Quantum Healer and Medical Intuitive. She is Internationally known as a teacher for the teachers. Rev. Chapman’s Namaste’ Retreat Center is located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin.

Rev. Chapman is a conscious walk-in and a conscious multidimensional psychic with most of her training coming directly from the Angels and Ascended Masters that she walks with.

Listen to the interview with Rev. Chapman and learn what is currently happening upon our planet now and what we can expect in 2016.