The Pure Hope Show: How To Live Your Awesome Life

Special Guest: Rosetta Thurman
Episode #30: How To Live Your Awesome Life

August 25, 2015 – 7:00pm Central Time

Rosetta ThurmanRosetta Thurman is the founder of, which is a supportive community that empowers women all over the world to create lives of happiness, success and freedom through personal development and entrepreneurship. Rosetta is a transformational coach and mentor, author and Nationally recognized speaker.

Our title of this episode of the Pure Hope Show is “How to Live Your Awesome Life.” Rosetta teaches women how to build location-independent business doing what they love so that they can quit their jobs and finally have the freedom to travel and live life on their own terms. Her clients and students value her “Tough Love” approach to helping them reach their big goals faster than they ever thought possible. Rosetta offers a free mapping workbook at

Please join us for The Pure Hope Blog Talk Radio Show for a powerful and honest talk about how to move forward in your life!

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