Message From Hope: Ask Great Spirit

Dear Friends,

I wander through this Earthly walk just looking for my home. Sometimes I’ve thought I’m destined to be lonely and alone. Which way is the right way? Which way do I go? How am I to understand? How am I to know? And I ask, “Great Spirit, show me the way.” And I ask, “Great Spirit, teach me today.” And I ask, “Great Spirit, guide all I say, that I may share with others the Light along the way.”

These are words written by Amorah Quan Yin. And, these are words I read sometime long ago as I started my journey of exploration and teaching. Leaders like you and I have been given the spiritual job of externalizing the Spirit of Love on this planet. As always I have tried to tell as many people as I can that the transformation of this planet is up to normal, beautiful Light beings just like us. We are the ones materializing the DIVINE PLAN ON EARTH. Therefore, we are being called to be in a constant state of remembering our perfection.

The divine plan cannot work without each person fulfilling his/her puzzle piece and gift. Each of you has a vibrational soul signature that is uniquely yours and by these four soul aspects you can begin to know your puzzle piece. These are the four soul questions to ask yourself.

PLAY – What is your preferred way to explore and experience that world, your most playful way to create/work/do life?

PASSION – What concepts, thoughts, ideas stir excitement, joy, interest, desire in you? What passion do you want to devote your life to?

GIFTS – What are your gifts, talents and abilities that keep you in a place of joy?

GOODNESS – What do others feel and experience from being with you as you offer your gifts while you play in your passion and in joy?

Our core essence is encoded and held in our soul as the individual expression of SOURCE LOVE sent through our own unique form, called our SOUL SIGNATURE. When we place this SOUL SIGNATURE out into the world we are doing our puzzle piece on this planet.

You can make a difference in this world at any moment just by smiling at another person. You can actively take part in the planetary ascension process this very day by transmitting your inner light to all the people you meet. But most importantly: you can significantly improve your own quality of life by acknowledging in yourself the unique and exceptional being you really are. This is the most beautiful gift you can offer to humanity: to honor and integrate your divine Light in all the dimensions of your being, and to let this radiate to the entire planet.

Please take this personal invitation to join us at the Hope Interfaith Center to celebrate and share your divine essence in our community of Love & Light. Mark your calendars for some exciting opportunities of personal growth and please join us for Spiritual Service on the 2nd Sunday of every month at 10:00 a.m.

With Pure Heart,


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