Message From Hope: Perfection of Our Pattern

Dear Friends,

There is a pattern of perfection that happens in Nature. I see it in every season we have in our wonderful state of Minnesota. Many people would agree with me that each season has its own unique beautiful, perfect pattern. I truly enjoyed my summer with all of the new things that happened at HIC. We got new beautiful carpet in our Great Room. And of course we received the beautiful gift of our new gazebo on our land. Now we are into the season of autumn and the pattern of life continues to change and transform.

Do you know that there is another pattern of perfection at the center of your being which has never been touched by disease or misfortune? Your intellect senses this through intuition, your imagination feels it by divine right, your inward consciousness knows it through faith. This Spirit of Oneness neither sleeps nor slumbers nor forgets who it is. Any maladjustment in your life will be healed when you realize this perfect pattern center within yourself.

The vision you must catch and hold is the consciousness of a union so complete and perfect that you find no difference between your own inner being and the beloved Source. The two are ONE. I know that other thoughts and teachings from our world can uproot you and make you doubt this union. I know that we have all been inundated with ideas of our non-perfection.

But here at the Hope Interfaith Center we teach about our ONENESS with Source and the walls come down. Pure Love is anchored in the heart of all humans and it becomes the main attribute, depending, however, upon the individual’s evolvement for its expansion or stagnation. From a person in whose being Love has been awakened there is always a conscious radiation of peace and good will that steadily goes forth from the aura. It is felt, practically by any one that comes in contact with them.

When we remember who we are in our actual life we have the power to reverse old thought patterns by definitely knowing that they can no longer operate through us. This is more than a theory. Thoughts and feelings of peace will reverse thoughts and feelings of confusion. A consciousness of faith will reverse fear. Thoughts and feelings of LOVE dissolve hate. It has been determined by the Beings of Light that what Humanity needs the most for the dawning of this New Age is for humans to raise their consciousness above the human miscreations. We need now to pierce through the density of this illusion and enter the realms of Illumined Truth and create the NEW WORLD.

So, we at the Hope Interfaith Center provide classes, events, private teachings that help open up people to become the continuous flow of love and light. It’s time to increase our efforts to hold a frequency of Pure Divine Love. So join us for anything and you will see the reason to come. Even our Spiritual Services will help you to increase your vibration and they are designed to help you hold the vibration of LOVE. Our Mother God and Father God essence is returning to the earth in patterns of perfection through us.

I so enjoy seeing all of you when you come to the temple. Please come and join our community and help us create the new patterns of perfection through a group commitment of coming together with the intention to only project LOVE.

With Pure Heart,

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