Message From Hope – January 2017

Dear Friends,

As I ended 2016, I was given several experiences that demonstrated the ongoing nature of our work here at the Hope Interfaith Center. The experience that I am going to talk about may give us all a preview of the next phase of the journey. Through experiences, I began to better understand energy outside of this physical dimension. I met the radiance of God/Goddess, Source, Oneness and left my body behind, experiencing the free energy of my spirit. It happened in the following way:

I awoke early morning December 7 at 3:40 a.m., the 75th anniversary of the attack of Pearl Harbor. I began to vibrate to an almost uncontrollable level. I could feel the kundalini energy rise up my body and then I found myself having a conversation with a Buddhist Holy Woman. For several days after that, Her Holiness was in my daily visions, motioning for me to continue or stop what I was doing, directing me. At one point, she asked me to write and said that she would help me with this process. I told her that I had difficulty with spelling words and she smiled at me and said, “my child that is why you have spell check. Just write!” So I began the process and I plunged ahead, because it was the right thing to do. Following Spirit when my high-er self, my over soul and my guides and Angles talk to me has always been a priority in my life. This is what happened:

Hope: With great respect and honor, I welcome your presence and assistance.

Her Holiness: You have been preparing for this journey and you have done such a great job listening to us and doing your sacred contract. Now it is a time to rest. Your hard work and focus will come to fruition. Success for the Hope Interfaith Center and working with all of the people to wake up to the truth of who they are has been exciting to watch. Please tell them that this year will be one of hardship but yet, opportunities to move into the golden light.

Hope: What do you mean? What golden light are you speaking about?

Her Holiness: She once again pointed for me to come and she showed me a narrow stone-paved street, and she was waving me through a wood-en door and over the doorway it had the number 2017 on it!

I passed through the door. I moved into a new space, which appeared dark inside, but now that I entered in it, there was a brilliant light, too bright to look at. Intense. I am now being touched by God I thought. I was very centered in my body; however, I had a feeling like I have never felt before. Her Holiness continued to usher me into the light. I had been standing before it, and now it is clear that I was directed to enter into it. There was a buzzing, a static, quite loud, like the sound between radio stations, and I heard someone speaking to me. I continued my inward movement into the light. I somehow moved so slowly that it felt like moving molasses. Her Holiness spoke and said you are holding back. You are resisting? This is the time of the number 10 vibration and you will begin the birthing of the awakened you. Please tell all beings that you will come in contact with at the Hope Interfaith Center that the vibration of 10 offers them a New Beginning, but they must step into the brilliant light, be still, and know that they are one with ALL THAT IS!

Hope: What does that really mean? Many people do not understand these words nor do they believe in these words.
Her Holiness: They must ask themselves what is holding them back? What fear? Why do they resist the very thing that they are so deserving of and which is who they really are? All that they desire personally as well as on your planet is dependent on their awakening. Her Holiness told me to receive and I will show you how it feels.

Hope: I entered! I entered! And I entered! Now my cells are opening. Each one is a bursting supernova. I feel a oneness with the light, its brilliance spreading through me and outward, extending through my arms and my face. I am a conduit for the energy of God, a source of the radiance, a golden glow of brilliance, a beacon and a healer. I feel the radiance at my back coming up above my head, scouring those cells and making them shine. All over, I am covered with golden diamonds of light. Inside of me there is no darkness. I am told that inside all of you there is no darkness. Then I see us (yes all of you my friends of the Hope Interfaith Center) your cells are connecting to my cells and our cells connected to everyone in the world’s cells. We then connect our cells with the Ocean, Sky, Earth, Water, Fire, Animals. We are all a brilliant network of lights.

Her Holiness: Her Holiness shows me all of us all rotating in many directions, including upside down. We are all a huge explosion of light, moving like a super-nova star system. All is golden and there are many golden eggs or sparks of light coming forth from all of us together. The golden strings of energy are weaving themselves through space as they travel outward. The ends of these strings are creating rainbows. She said we are the ones who have come to create peace, harmony, abundance, and joy upon this planet. And that we are not losers; we are winners. We are all great and mighty souls. She said to tell you all to continue to step forward into the light and do not, please, do not fear.

Hope: As I continue this experience with Her Holiness, my body is now clear, completely trans-parent, and at one with all that is around me. I see who I really am. I see who we all are! I am crying with joy! And I ask Her Holiness, how can I help people know this about themselves?

Her Holiness: She motions me through the same wooden doorway. I see a lot of small figures working on individual projects, something like Santa’s workshop. And each person is on their own station doing their own journey. Their own work! Their own experiences! Learning their own lessons!

She told me all I can do is share this experience with any that would read it and if they wanted to walk through this doorway of 2017 without holding back, they too can see the truth of who they are. She told me to share this with you and invite you to come to our temple of Love and Light at the Hope Interfaith Center.

Hope: I share this with you in great enthusiasm and share it with you with the intention of letting you know that your light inside is as brilliant as the stars, sun, and moon. And you have within you a great treasure map that will lead you to your purpose and your true destiny. Pay attention to the sign posts that will and always appear to us. Follow those signs and stay in the Zone of remembering the truth of who you are and all of your new beginnings of 2017 will come into fruition!

May you all have a very Happy New Year!janice-gorman-headshot
And show UP in your LIFE!
With Pure Heart,

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