Radiating Energy

Dear Friends,

Once, long ago, rulers in India kept monks close to their courts. They knew about energy expansion and radiation and they knew that daily meditation for peace had a calming effect on the populace. The kings took care of the monks so they could care for society. Even in medieval Europe, villages felt protected against robbers in the presence of a nearby monastery. This ancient wisdom is being rediscovered and used at the Hope Interfaith Center and we are very proud to be connected to other groups who are gathering to create world peace.

The idea that groups of meditating people can influence the societies around them challenges many people. I also know that many people’s lives are extremely busy and believe that solo meditation is just as good. But I have had an opportunity to go to Fairfield, Iowa and do some T.M. meditation and also study a bit about the Maharishi who I believe was a remarkable Indian Guru who came to inspire Westerners to meditate for world peace. Also, I am staying connected to a woman in Peru who is helping me explore the sacred science of shamanic techniques. I am learning more and more about the fascinating body of research on our consciousness that seems to prove that group meditation has the potential to reduce violence and conflict in the world.

Especially with this incoming energy that is bathing the Universe at this time, I know it’s still hard to believe, yes. But more and more rigorous research is showing the impact of group meditation which exceeds that of any other ongoing social or psychological research program ever done. This research is still going on and on and it has survived a broader array of statistical tests than most research in the field on conflict resolution.

The findings on group meditation for world peace have been startling. And, if you want to dig into this more please do so and pass on this information to me. For I am dedicated to bringing people together in our temple at the Hope Interfaith Center to blaze light and love unto this beautiful planet. When groups of dedicated people gather together for the intention of world peace the group has an increased coherence and it is said that the energy of this intention has a “spill over” effect. When you come to these groups and participate fully the participants are more awake, they see the big picture and are more positive. They radiate an energy that magnetically enhances their own personal lives. Your life can take on a certain magical energy that helps you flow verses always being in a struggle with life. When people come together in groups at the Hope Interfaith Center their brain waves synchronize and then we synchronize our group energy with all the other groups around the world and we create a Tsunami of LOVE and we watch it ripple around the world. The impact of synchronizing our energies affect the Global Consciousness and the behavior of random systems changes around the world. If we all would look to the principles of quantum physics we could all agree that our temple is making a difference in our world.

Now, at the Hope Interfaith Center, we provide a place and form groups that intentionally connect with other groups around the world to create a sophisticated, powerful, potent energy of an ocean of LOVE. We are peacemakers! During this fall and winter I am sending a clarion call out to you my friends to come check us out. We will be having ongoing group meditations for world peace at our center. At each of our spiritual services this fall and winter we will be doing a 10 minute powerful period to synchronize our heart-minds for the intentional purpose of bringing peace upon our planet. Now if everyone who comes to our Spiritual Services only invites one other person to our temple the second Sunday of every month the vibration and frequency will double in size immediately.

We at the Hope Interfaith Center are a peace loving community that is dedicated with our actions and not just our talk to creating peace on Earth and good will for all! Please continue to read up on the other groups and events that we offer at our temple. I am sure you will find a place in one of the many groups that we offer.

With Pure Heart,
Rev. Janice Hope Gorman

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