Blog Talk Radio: Truth from Gigi and her Angels!

Tuesday, November 29
7:00 p.m. central time

gigiGigi Petersen journeys with Angels, Spirit Guides, Saints, Love and Light Beings, Mother/Father God, Ancient Archangels and Loved Ones who have passed. She channels personal spiritual messages and brings forth details only known by you, you will know its truth. She imparts upon each person information from their own personal angels, guides, and spirits that are with us from the highest realm. She is able to see a movie and hear the words to share what spirit desires for you to receive for your highest good.

Please join us for this show and invite your angel friends to join in with you. To get more information about Gigi and her Angels you can email her at You will find free meditations and Angel Wisdom at www.ANGELWISDOM.ORG

This is a LIVE program and all you need to do to become part of the program in call this number 213-559-2974 and press the number one and we will get your questions answered.