The Pure Hope Show: Transition and Metamorphosis

Join us for “The Pure Hope Show” on Tuesday, June 27 at 7:00 p.m. LIVE!

Rev. Janice Hope Gorman the founder of the Hope Interfaith Center and the founder of The Pure Hope Blog Talk Radio Show will be interviewed by Rev. Jill Grace.

Hope is the name that the angels gave her which means “Help Open Planetary Eyes.” Rev. Gorman sustained third degree burns on April 15th of this year and is now back but not as a host on the Pure Hope Show, but as a guest.

janice-gorman-headshotWhy some people might ask? After surviving a harrowing fire mishap while lighting a Tiki lamp in her front yard, she is just beginning to learn what true metamorphosis is. She said it is to trust the unfoldment of this event in her life as well as watching the signs of her next steps upon the planet.

She states that the word “Tiki” is significant as the Polynesian Culture describes the word as a noun – a carved image, as of a God or ancestor. In Polynesian mythology “Tiki” means the first man on Earth. The explosion was big enough to scorch the nearby grass and blacken the front of her home it also lit up Hope’s wisdom, which we are all eagerly anticipating to hear during this interview on the Pure Hope Show. You can call in to ask questions or make comments.