Jurema Silva – Outstanding Psychic in the U.S.

Come join us on the Pure Hope Show, Tuesday, May 29th at 7:00 p.m. central time.
“Outstanding Psychic in the U.S.” Jurema Silva is a naturally gifted psychic/medium, spiritual counselor, inspirational speaker and guided energy healer practitioner. She grew up experiencing and learning a variety of ancient healing techniques in her native country, Brazil.

Jurema SilvaNearly thirty years ago, she brought to the U.S. her original spiritual abilities, resulting in a captivating and effective healing approach. Her charisma and contagious energy make her one of the most outstanding psychics in the U.S. Jurema’s authenticity and remarkable education regarding the spiritual world has transformed the lives of thousands of people worldwide. Throughout decades as spiritual counselor, Jurema has witness her own clients unprecedented life transformations. Her remarkable spiritual presence, authentic and live personality make her lectures one of the most pleasant, contagious and most importantly, a collective healing event to enjoy. We will be on LIVE and you can be on our program by calling 213-559-2974 press the number one and our program director will have you on the air with us! I look forward to hearing your beloved voices!



The Pure Hope Show: Transition and Metamorphosis

Join us for “The Pure Hope Show” on Tuesday, June 27 at 7:00 p.m. LIVE!

Rev. Janice Hope Gorman the founder of the Hope Interfaith Center and the founder of The Pure Hope Blog Talk Radio Show will be interviewed by Rev. Jill Grace.

Hope is the name that the angels gave her which means “Help Open Planetary Eyes.” Rev. Gorman sustained third degree burns on April 15th of this year and is now back but not as a host on the Pure Hope Show, but as a guest.

janice-gorman-headshotWhy some people might ask? After surviving a harrowing fire mishap while lighting a Tiki lamp in her front yard, she is just beginning to learn what true metamorphosis is. She said it is to trust the unfoldment of this event in her life as well as watching the signs of her next steps upon the planet.

She states that the word “Tiki” is significant as the Polynesian Culture describes the word as a noun – a carved image, as of a God or ancestor. In Polynesian mythology “Tiki” means the first man on Earth. The explosion was big enough to scorch the nearby grass and blacken the front of her home it also lit up Hope’s wisdom, which we are all eagerly anticipating to hear during this interview on the Pure Hope Show. You can call in to ask questions or make comments.

Blog Talk Radio: Advanced Teachings in the Course of Miracles

The Pure Hope Show – May 26, 7:00pm central time

Special Guest: Gary Renard
Episode #27: Advanced Teachings in the Course of Miracles

Gary Renard is a bold, courageous speaker who was visited by Masters who brought forth profound teachings from the Course in Miracles.

Gary is a best-selling author known for “The Disappearance of the Universe” as well as “Your Immortal Reality” and “Love Has Forgotten No One.”

This interview will include straight talk about illusions, religions, and how to stop the wheel of reincarnation.

Pure Hope Show Archives

Blog Talk Radio: What type of Spiritual Teacher are you looking for?

This episode of the Pure Hope Blog Talk Radio Show aired live on Tuesday, October 28, 2014

There are many different varieties of Spiritual Teachers you can choose from; Intellectual Teachers, Psychic Teachers, Heart Teachers, Body Healers and Empowerment Teachers. Obviously, there are many more and obviously, there is plenty of overlap. Boundaries are illusory, but this program will help you see the difference in teachers and what it takes to be a Spiritual Teacher who helps people move out of their drama and into their dharma!

Image_Melanie_WilliamsMelanie Williams from my own home town of Mankato, Minnesota will be joining me on the “Pure Hope Show”. She is a teacher who helps people move into alignment with their Divine Self. Her teachings encourage people to live the life they desire. She teaches students to create a Daily Practice that allows people to connect with Spirit and finally helps people move out of there self-made drama and into their dharma.

Come join us live on Tuesday, October 28 at 7:00 p.m. You can call in during the show to ask questions and/or to make a comment. We encourage any and all questions about how to pick a spiritual teacher and what to look for. The call-in number is 213-559-2974 – then press 1 (one) and you will be on the air with Rev. Janice Hope Gorman will welcome you to the show with a positive and powerful energetic greeting!

For more information about Melanie Williams, visit her website at http://melaniejwilliams.com
Visit the archives of the Pure Hope Show HERE. You can set up a reminder so you don’t miss an episode!