The Pure Hope Show: Creating a Fifth Dimensional Life

Live Pure Hope Show Episode #36
Tuesday, February 23 at 7:00 p.m.
Special Guest: Caroline Oceana Ryan

Image Caroline Oceana RyanCaroline Oceana Ryan is the author of the Amazon bestseller The Ascension Manual-Part One, which was channeled from the Collective. The Ascension Manual-Part Two will be available in the Kindle Store on February 26, 2016. We will be covering many areas such as Life on the New Earth, Speaking with Your Guides and Angelic Guardians, Dealing with Finances, Romantic Relationships and Twin Flames and perhaps even more.

Please join us as Hope interviews this beautiful soul on some of the most important topics of 2016. We will be LIVE on February 23rd at 7:00 p.m. The number to call if you have any questions or comments is 213-559-2974, just press ONE and our producer, Tom, will let us know that you are waiting to be on the air with us!

Happy Love Month!!!

Caroline Oceana Ryan

Blog Talk Radio: I AM University

The Pure Hope Show
June 30, 2015 – 7:00pm Central Time

Special Guest: Gloria Excelsias
Episode #28: I AM University

Gloria ExcelsiasPassionate, Joyous, Excited, Focused, Dedicated…These are just a few of the words I would use to describe our guest Gloria Excelsias who is the President of the I AM University in Salzburg, Austria. The I AM University, established by the late Dr. Joshua David Stone handed over the mission of his Spiritual University to this amazing teacher of ONENESS.

If you have never listened to the Pure Hope Show this is the show to listen to. You will be able to feel the energy of great JOY coming from Gloria. She is an inspired writer and coach, who is passionately dedicated to running and evolving the I AM University. The I AM University is a global online education platform with the goal to create awareness for humanity’s evolutionary goal to grow into a Soul-conscious species. We will talk about ascension, Dr. Joshua Stone, and the I AM University.

Blog Talk Radio: Advanced Teachings in the Course of Miracles

The Pure Hope Show – May 26, 7:00pm central time

Special Guest: Gary Renard
Episode #27: Advanced Teachings in the Course of Miracles

Gary Renard is a bold, courageous speaker who was visited by Masters who brought forth profound teachings from the Course in Miracles.

Gary is a best-selling author known for “The Disappearance of the Universe” as well as “Your Immortal Reality” and “Love Has Forgotten No One.”

This interview will include straight talk about illusions, religions, and how to stop the wheel of reincarnation.

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Blog Talk Radio: Re-wire Me Please; A New Year’s Practice of Meditation

The Pure Hope Show – January 27, 7:00pm

Special Guest: Rhonda Cannata, Ray of Light Enterprises
Episode #23: Re-wire Me Please; A New Year’s Practice of Meditation

Come join Hope on the New Year show in January for a talk about Meditation. Hope began meditating in the ’70’s and she has had a regular practice of meditation for over 30 years. She knows how a daily meditation practice can literally rewire the brain and help one develop a new kind of relationship with all life. Joining Hope on this episode is special guest, Rhonda Cannata. Rhonda has been divinely inspired to birth Ray of Light Enterprises. RAY of LIGHT stands for Remembering Always to say YES to Living Into the Glory of Your Highest Truth! This sums up Rhonda’s depth of purpose for her self-proclaimed journey toward a life of positively impacting human potential in service to the greater good.

Rhonda Cannata

Rhonda Cannata

Both Rhonda and Hope believe wholeheartedly in the unlimited brilliance and potential that lives within every being on the planet. Rhonda is a self-taught practitioner in the areas of meditation and energy healing – specializing in, and utilizing a variety of modalities. She will be sharing with us a New Year guided visualization/meditation to help us recognize and feel and accept our own beautiful MAGNIFICENCE! Hope will also be sharing a meditation for the New Year through the Goddess of Liberty the Archangel Michael, which will help us expand our internal Flame, and Triple in its Activity – Love and Wisdom and Power. This Goddess of Liberty Flame was carried safely across the Ocean from France to the United States which was given to us as a gift to release us from the wheel of birth and death.

Rhonda Cannata, Ray of Light Enterprises
Phone: 507-345-6696
Facebook: Illuminating Magnificence

Channeled Message from Mother Hope

As I bring this forth, I want you all to know that I sat at my little altar at home for a few moments before I went into deep prayer and sacred communion. I chanted a Mantra to the ONENESS for several hours and was reveling in a sublime state of Divine connectedness. I could feel the Presence of the Divine Mother/Father within my body, as it swayed with the joy of the Presence of the ONE. The sweet smile on my face which for me signals the Presence was on my lips. And the deep sense of complete LOVE from within my heart I knew I was completely connected. In this moment, all was well in my world.

My child you are now free from thought and you are unable to conjure up thoughts within you. Because you have lost your identity as Janice or Hope or even Mother Hope, you are not the “you” that you think you are. You are ME and I am YOU! There is no separation between the ONENESS and you. Please tell all others of this truth as well. We also want you to tell them that there are no should or should not’s in any of your situations. You are just choosing from a menu of infinite possibility and the selections are great. We would just tell you that your choices of which you are making for your highest good and the highest good of all. You are not required to make those selections. We are just asking you this question so you can reach your permanent stage of JOY and BLISS!

  • Remember there are no failures here. Just outcomes from your choices of which you have chosen to create. Any scenario that is happening in your life is an energetic experience that you are participating in. If you do not like where you are at then you also must know that it is not necessary for you to make these choices. The option to abide in the Divine Connection that is so very Present is also an option that you are welcome to choose, and to experience.
  • You have the power and abilities right now within you to make other experiences in your life. And if you continue to listen to truth you will realize that ONENESS is already your nature and your natural existence.
  • This is time to have a monologue with your hearts. So hold them tight and reach inside and feel your own personal powers and abilities.
  • Continue to ride the waves and rejoice in the journey and know you have the power to change everything in your life.
  • One does not need to “qualify” in some linear fashion for the experience of BLISS!
  • You are the creators! So make your choices and realize at any moment you are able to make another.
  • Suspend your mind within your heart and see how the Eagle and the Condor have come together within you.

The identity of who is speaking in this instant is ONENESS. There is no one home inside Hope. There is only ONENESS. There is no separation between the one whose identity characterizes herself as HOPE. It is also the same for you! You are all flowing in the ONENESS NOW! Enjoy and Rejoice for there is only ONE BEING.

Pure Hope Blog Talk Radio Show: Practical Spirituality

“Practical Spirituality; The Practicality of living It!”

Join us on an adventure to talk about “Practical Spirituality; The Practicality of living It!” The first thing you have to do of living to become a highly Spiritual functional being is to be fully integrated in your body on an energetic level. In this adventure with Selina Maitreya, we will gather the fruit of her wisdom to reach upward to become one with your Higher Self and connecting with the higher powers of the universe- You have access all the time to your Universal Mind, Higher Will, and Light as a living entity. There is a wave of energy passing through our galaxy that is altering the course of all life it touches. Let the Light of this show pass through you altering the course of your life!

SelinaSelina Maitreya is a highly regarded consultant to commercial photographers worldwide. She is a published author of 2 best-selling books and a global lecturer. Prior to and concurrent to her coaching career for the last 30 + years, she has been a spiritual student studying many philosophies, and spiritual practices. Drawn to the simple yet powerful idea that WE ARE ALL ONE; that our natural inheritance in LOVE, and that our actions affect not only us but every single energy entity, Selina began to live her life as her practice. Committed to responding from one of the many faces of LOVE to life’s many challenges, gifts and experiences. Selina realized that regardless of external circumstances as she responded to life through one of the many faces of love; kindness, gratitude, compassion, wisdom and tolerance she was creating a life that is peaceful and abundant, with relationships that are rich and meaningful. Please join us with this Spiritual Teacher who walks her talk!

Selina Maitreya –


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