Winding Down the Year but Winding Up To Believe!

Dear Friends,

As the year begins to wind down this is also the beginning of the season of gratitude and believing! Please let me gently make something very clear. Many dreams still wait in the wings. Many aspirations are just within our grasp if we keep stretching. Many hungers need nourishment. Many yearnings must be acknowledged, so that they can be fulfilled. Many authentic sparks must be fanned before Passion per-forms her perfect work in you. So let’s throw another log on the fire….This is not the day you quit! This is not the day you set your dreams aside! For this is the season and day you stare down every naysayer in your life, including you who doesn’t believe your dreams are possible to come true. Finally. And now you all know that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. This is the season and the day that you shout, “I Believe!” Keep on shouting it until you’re hoarse. No more muttering under your breath. Do you know what happens every time a child says, “I don’t believe in fairies!” A fairy falls down and begins to cry! Do you know what happens every time a Lightworker says, “I don’t believe. It’s taking too long!” The Angels cry!

This is not the season to stop believing in your DREAMS! This might be the time to wind UP! We simply can’t afford the luxury of skepticism. And what must you believe with every breath, until you do believe again? This is the time of the mystical alchemy the Spirit of the Season! Yes, we might be winding down the year but let us not wind down on gathering in groups for world peace or gathering in groups to work with the alchemy energy that is avail-able at this time. So I am going to personally ask you all to keep on believing that you have the passion, intelligence, brilliance, creativity, wisdom, clarity, depth, and savvy to find that quiet center of solace, serenity, and strength necessary to create and sustain an authentic life and to keep joining us at the Hope Interfaith Center to create the New World! An authentic spiritual life is the most personal form of worship and the best gift you can give to yourself as well as the world!
Oh, I thank you Charles Dickens! Because he is the person who wrote, “Would that the spirit of Christmas, like the nature of the Beloved, could live within our hearts every day of the year.” This is the time to BELIEVE! This is the time to wind up! This is the time to gather together! This is the time to celebrate!

We have so many wonderful events at the Hope Interfaith Center for you to come to that are FREE! Perhaps this is our Christmas gift to all of you all year long! We have groups and classes that can help you go beyond the toys, tinsel, and all the stuff and move you into a moment of quiet reflection and peace. We hope that after you attend a Spiritual Service you may truly say that you know how to keep the Spirit of the Beloved in your hearts always and bring it forth upon this planet. And may you all be able to say…

“Merry Christmas! And God Bless Us, God Bless Us Every One!”

Don’t get distracted by the business of this Season! Cast a wider net. Pay close attention to your dreams. Follow your urges. Honor your hunches. Use intuition as the spiritual tool that it is. Consider coming to a spiritual service or two, or perhaps a class or one of the wonderful group gatherings that we offer. Be rereceptive and alert. See how many celestine moments you can accumulate in the course of a day. The more you are open to the magic of this season, the more magnetic you will become to receive your dreams to come TRUE!

With Pure Heart,

Blog Talk Radio: Big Potentials Are Here

Special Guest: Melissa Joy Jonsson
Episode #31: Big Potentials Are Here

(the interview begins after the commercial – at about 35 seconds or so)

Tuesday, Sept. 29th at 7:00pm Blog Talk Radio Show with Best-Selling author Melissa Joy Jonsson who wrote the book “The Little Book of Big Potentials.” She will be sharing her life, her knowledge, her passion and her book.

Melissa Joy JonssonMelissa Joy Jonsson is best known for her ability to engage people from all over the world to embrace their True Authentic Power through accessing universal consciousness by playing in the field of the heart. Melissa has been teaching popular life transforming seminars around the globe since 2008.

At a time when our truth matters and our future awaits us I am sure you will receive an energetic blast of energy that will give you a boost into your true authentic self.

MJOY Website

Hope Interfaith Center Peace Pole Project

On Monday, September 7, 2015, the Hope Interfaith Center was featured in an article in the Mankato Free Press newspaper. We are extremely grateful for the exposure from the article for the peace pole project.

Interfaith center to plant peace pole in France

By Jessica Bies

Peace Pole at YWCAMANKATO — Every once in while Rev. Janice Gorman will visit one of several peace poles planted throughout Mankato by Hope Interfaith Center. “I do that because I believe there’s something happening in Mankato,” she said. “This seems to be a community that gets behind projects like this.”

Every time she sees one of the poles, “To tell you the truth, I become even more passionate about planting more poles. One institution, one person, one community can make a difference.”

Peace poles are monuments displaying the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth,” usually in a different language on each of four sides. Hope Interfaith Center has planted several of them, both locally and internationally, in Israel, Palestine, Turkey and Peru.

In Mankato and North Mankato, there are peace poles at the YWCA, Peace Park, South Central College, CADA and the First Congregational United Church of Christ, to name a few. There is also one in front of the Interfaith Center, given in memory of a member who died from cancer.

The next pole, to be the center’s 11th, will be planted in France. Later this year one will be planted at the Coffee Hag.

“This year, because it’s a local and international project, we’re going to plant two,” Gorman said.

Gorman will be leading 18 people on a pilgrimage to Lourdes, France Oct. 14. She wants to plant a peace pole there because several journalists recently killed in an attack on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

“The local one is at the Coffee Hag because they’ve created such an environment of peace and inclusivity there,” she said.

The peace poles are meant to inspire people to think of peace, Gorman said, then act to create it.

“I don’t think peace is just simply the opposite of violence,” she said. “I believe peace is an action, even more than a feeling. It’s easy for people to have the fuzzy feeling of peace, that why I love the peace pole project. We’re not simply talking about peace, we’re acting it out.”

She hopes that residents will sometimes visit the local poles as she does, and think on peace.

“It’s my hope that people look at the peace poles and stop, even for a moment, and reflect,” she said. “The poles says ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth.’ To me, making that statement is a prayer. It’s a prayer: let peace prevail on Earth.”

The Pure Hope Show: How To Live Your Awesome Life

Special Guest: Rosetta Thurman
Episode #30: How To Live Your Awesome Life

August 25, 2015 – 7:00pm Central Time

Rosetta ThurmanRosetta Thurman is the founder of, which is a supportive community that empowers women all over the world to create lives of happiness, success and freedom through personal development and entrepreneurship. Rosetta is a transformational coach and mentor, author and Nationally recognized speaker.

Our title of this episode of the Pure Hope Show is “How to Live Your Awesome Life.” Rosetta teaches women how to build location-independent business doing what they love so that they can quit their jobs and finally have the freedom to travel and live life on their own terms. Her clients and students value her “Tough Love” approach to helping them reach their big goals faster than they ever thought possible. Rosetta offers a free mapping workbook at

Please join us for The Pure Hope Blog Talk Radio Show for a powerful and honest talk about how to move forward in your life!

Listen to the Show Here

The Pure Hope Show: Young Living Oils

July 28, 2015 – 7:00pm Central Time

Special Guest: Jennifer Galvin-Anderson, MA
Episode #29: Young Living Oils

Our guest is Jennifer Galvin-Anderson, MA. Jennifer found her calling to holistic healing work at the young age of 14 after a near-death experience, followed a year later by cancer. That journey opened the door for her to explore first-hand the benefits of a holistic approach to wellness, and verified for her that she came back to teach and serve this to others.

In 2008, Jennifer received her Master’s degree in Holistic Health from the College of St. Catherine. She completed further training in Young Living Essential Oils Raindrop Technique and Spiritual Anointing from the Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education.

There is a reason why these essential oils are referred to as “LIVING” Oils. Oils have been used by royalty and in religious ceremonies thousands of years ago. Today, they are being used for a plethora of reasons and occasions.

Blog Talk Radio: I AM University

The Pure Hope Show
June 30, 2015 – 7:00pm Central Time

Special Guest: Gloria Excelsias
Episode #28: I AM University

Gloria ExcelsiasPassionate, Joyous, Excited, Focused, Dedicated…These are just a few of the words I would use to describe our guest Gloria Excelsias who is the President of the I AM University in Salzburg, Austria. The I AM University, established by the late Dr. Joshua David Stone handed over the mission of his Spiritual University to this amazing teacher of ONENESS.

If you have never listened to the Pure Hope Show this is the show to listen to. You will be able to feel the energy of great JOY coming from Gloria. She is an inspired writer and coach, who is passionately dedicated to running and evolving the I AM University. The I AM University is a global online education platform with the goal to create awareness for humanity’s evolutionary goal to grow into a Soul-conscious species. We will talk about ascension, Dr. Joshua Stone, and the I AM University.

Blog Talk Radio: Advanced Teachings in the Course of Miracles

The Pure Hope Show – May 26, 7:00pm central time

Special Guest: Gary Renard
Episode #27: Advanced Teachings in the Course of Miracles

Gary Renard is a bold, courageous speaker who was visited by Masters who brought forth profound teachings from the Course in Miracles.

Gary is a best-selling author known for “The Disappearance of the Universe” as well as “Your Immortal Reality” and “Love Has Forgotten No One.”

This interview will include straight talk about illusions, religions, and how to stop the wheel of reincarnation.

Pure Hope Show Archives

Blog Talk Radio: Evidence of Eternity

The Pure Hope Show – Tuesday, April 28, 7:00pm central time
Special Guest: Mark Anthony
Evidence of Eternity

Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer®, Brings Spirit Communication into the 21st Century.

Come join us for our pre-recorded program on April 28th for a strong, provocative interview with Mark Anthony. He is smart, compelling and passionate. Mr. Anthony is nationally recognized as a paranormal expert and legal analyst in high profile criminal cases. We will be talking to him about his book “Evidence of Eternity” which is a riveting book opening your heart and mind to the realities of an invisible world waiting to help us. This book is unforgettable. The stories are astonishing. The message is empowering.

Mark is a world renowned fourth generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits. Mark is an Oxford educated attorney licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C. and before the United States Supreme Court. In England, he studied Mediumship at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science. Mark is featured regularly on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX Television and on major talk radio shows such as Coast to Coast AM, Darkness Radio, and Sirius XM. For more information about Mark Anthony, please visit:

Topics that we will cover with Mark are: The Mysterious Psychic Gland, Intuition as the Key to Your Success, Evidence for the Afterlife, The Scientific Theory behind Spirit communication.

Pure Hope Show Archives

Blog Talk Radio: What’s New?

The Pure Hope Show – March 31, 7:00pm central time

Special Guest: Shirley Bolstock
Episode #25: What’s New?

“What’s New?” is our topic this month on the Pure Hope Show with our returning guest, “Miss Shirley Bolstok”.

Our DNA is changing and the Earth Mother is ascending with our DNA changes. Shirley is very excited to share with us new up-to-date information and material about the energies of the number 6 and 8. We will also be discussing the new Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies that coincide with these numbers. She is an expert at connecting with famous, well known crossover’s and I have asked her to bring in leaders that can help us or give us advice on the current earth changes or happenings, such as Gandhi and perhaps Martin Luther King.

She will also talk about the Elementals for Spring and Summer and how important it is to work with them as the seeds that are planted now will influence the new age. Consciousness is changing and our perceptions are changing as well. The number 8 is the end of illusion and the new Divine potential in all of us is ready to give birth.
Shirley Bolstock
Shirley Bolstok, was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. Her parents are Holocaust Survivors. She has authored books such as “Apples from the tree of Life, Impassioned Soul, and Grapes from the Vines of Life.” She is an energy healer, speaker, teacher as well as a medium who is able to connect with those on the other side.

Blog Talk Radio: Kundalini Energy

The Pure Hope Show – February 24, 7:00pm

Special Guest: Nitin Adsul
Episode #24: Kundalini Energy

Nitin S. Adsul will be the featured guest on the 24th episode of the “Pure Hope Show.” We will be discussing Kundalini Energy! Kundalini is described within the Eastern religions as a spiritual tradition an indwelling spiritual energy that can be awakened in order to purify the subtle system and ultimately bestow upon us the divine union with the Beloved! Kundalini is described as a lying “coiled energy” at the base of the spine, represented as either a Goddess or sleeping serpent waiting to be awakened to the true seeker of Truth. During this program, you will learn symptoms of Kundalini awakening and descriptions of Kundalini rising. This is a very intriguing subject that will help you understand how quantum transformation can take place.

Nitin-AdsulNitin S. Adsul is a CCA Certified Personal Life Coach, an Award winning Filmmaker who serves as a guide to individuals for growth in personal and professional life. His services via Personal Coaching, Energy healing, Energy Activation Workshops/Lectures, Films and Documentaries are focused mainly on the path of purification of the soul to cultivate the seed of Higher Consciousness and overcome challenges in life to bring peace and harmony within. In 2007, he co-produced a feature length film entitled “Prayer Life” and received a worldwide DVD Release in 2008 and has won awards at festival circuit. In 2010, he produced/directed an award winning documentary film on Kundalini that explains energetic experiences of real people of today with personal and social impact.

More details on Nitin can be found at and his personal website:

Check Out Spirituality Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Rev Janice Hope Gorman on BlogTalkRadio